NOV 7 ALERT: If you have received a text or an email in regards to potential employment with my company, which looks like it is from me, DO NOT REPLY. A person or persons are impersonating my identity and attempting to scam money from you. There is no job opening and I did not send the email and/or text. The scammers are pretending to hire an Assistant, then they are sending fraudulent pay cheques and asking the recipients to purchase Flexepin vouchers on their behalf. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THE VOUCHERS NOR GIVE THE PIN NUMBERS AWAY! These people are very crafty, not their first scam I would guess as they are VERY CONVINCING. If you have become a victim of this scam I urge you to file a police report AND contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre 1-888-495-8501.


Fresh photography for successful businesses, like yours!

Our award-winning team helps small & mid-size companies to strengthen brand 

with creative story-telling and authentic representation, all delivered with technical excellence.


Our business emerged out of fascination with the visual elements of life. 

We have deep reverence for efficiency and are inspired by our hard-working friends and neighbours.

We’re influenced by smart design, romanced by the infinite qualities of light,

fuelled by creative thinking and driven to problem solve.


Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada we travel globally to do our best work where you do yours.  

Our approach is collaborative; we believe that strong brand imagery is born out of innovative team work.

For project quotations, contact us today. We guarantee that you will love the results we produce for you and your company!