Are you Ready for a Georgie Award?
By Anna Beaudry Photography Ltd.
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Published July 20, 2015 -- With the deadline to the Georgie Awards coming up on October 5th, 2015 there's still a bit of time left to get some powerful photography created for your submissions.  Having just the right images in your entry really showcases the features of your project and lets the judges see exactly how awesome your work is.  On the flip side, having weak images in your entry can actually hurt your chances because the images might tell the wrong story or even give a bad impression.

So besides dynamic photography, what else might you need to consider?  Here's a check list to help you get through the process:

1.  Download the Call for Entries, in there you will find the category guidelines.  Be sure to read these documents carefully as there are specific criteria to follow and there's been some updates made to the process since last year.
2.  Decide which projects you will enter into which categories.  You can enter one project into different categories if it qualifies.  For example, a whole house renovation could also be entered as an entire house, as a kitchen, as a bathroom, etc.
3.  Make sure your projects are completely finished and ready to photograph.  That will mean doing a walk through to check for deficiencies, hiring a cleaning crew to take care of construction debris, hiring someone to stage the project with furniture, or simply asking the homeowners to tidy up.
4.  Schedule your photographer and be sure to communicate which categories you will be entering in.
5.  Have an experienced writer spell out all the bells and whistles of your project, being sure to cover things the judges won't see in the photography.
6.  Get your entry submitted on time!

We are an experienced team when it comes to awards and have been successfully submitting entries to Georgie, SAM, BOMA and Ovation awards for many years.

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