Artist's Choice - Chain
By Anna Beaudry Photography Ltd.
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Published July 24, 2013 -- There's times when it's next to impossible to create a less than stunning image simply because the subject matter is beautiful or it has tremendous impact.  Other times, it takes a more involved process to capture the mundane as something that's worth a second look, something worthy of the fine art class.

I found this lock and chain in Vancouver's Chinatown, almost walked right past it actually as it was amidst the stray debris that remains after the food merchants have closed up for the evening.  It wasn't really anything spectacular to look at, it wasn't even shiny (that got worked up in post production), yet it beckoned me with it's bold determination.  It tempted me to create a photograph of it.

This chain, as most are, is being used to secure and restrict something - clearly something of value.  It clings and wraps itself around the gate securing unknown precious contents.

Did you know that the chain was once used to measure surveys of land in the UK and along train routes in the US?  The measuring was done with what's called a Gunter's chain, also known as the surveyor's chain, measuring 66 feet long and had 100 links.

So considering that chains typically secure something, it's interesting to discover that the chain also has a relationship with unrestricted expanses of real estate.

In both cases, the chain exudes confidence, and confidence is an attractive quality that for sure warrants a second look.

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