Artist's Choice - On Golden Pond
By Anna Beaudry Photography Ltd.
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Published July 9, 2013 -- My attention was immediately drawn to the reflections on the water of False Creek, Vancouver, Canada.  It was a warm clear evening and the gentle puffs of wind only slightly disturbed the mirror like reflection on the water.  As I looked up at the thousands of windows, which are really the eyes of a building, I wondered what people were doing nestled in their homes; were they reading or cooking or curled up on the sofa watching TV?  Were they choosing courses for university, soothing a crying baby or resetting a password?  How many were happy?  Was anyone crying?  Who was in pain?   Individually expressed, this would be a mess across the board of human possibilities.  But in this one image, this one frame, all that humanity comes together in a beautiful fine art photograph.

On Golden Pond was accepted into the Professional Photographers of America International Photographic Competition 2012.  It went into the PPA General Collection and was awarded a merit.

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