Million Dollar View
By Anna Beaudry Photography Ltd.
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Published December 17, 2011 --- 

This time of year (December in the Pacific Northwest), that drinkable blue of the twilight sky only happens for about 12 minutes.  Yes there's tricks to bump it up in post production but getting it straight out of the camera looking like this takes skill - and setting up cameras in multiple locations to fully leverage that 12 minutes in as many rooms as possible.

This is a stunning full condo renovation overlooking breathtaking English Bay in Vancouver, Canada.  The Designer, Tom Bakker, had many constraints to work with in this 50 year old building yet still he created clean lines that make sense.  Take for example the way the dining area divides the living space - it's the ceiling that makes the subtle difference.

Meridian Pacific Construction Inc. executed this open design with precision and quality workmanship, using the finest ceramic, quartz, marble and wood.  Look for surprising touches like wenge wood veneer gracing all the cabinetry.

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